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  1. Mike the Mechanic

    That’s a DUI car lol

  2. Brian Messemer

    I woke up to an ominous text earlier and was in proper bad mood. This really lightened up my spirits mates, much obliged to you 💪

  3. Super Man

    Best test but in France should 14 year for 5 horse power without nothing and 16 year for 8 up to 15 horse power with traffic code.

  4. Dan Whitford



    I'd take the older Mercedes every time...and keep £90,000 in my bank to spend on other things in life. The classic S class looks far better and is better built in my opinion. Yes, the ugly new S class has a few more gadgets, but the classic model still has plenty, and with that extra money in the bank you could add an updated touchscreen satnav, and do some minor repairs, yet still be left with a massive wad of 💰💸 cash in your pocket.

  6. Alex Corner

    My son: i want the electric scooter. Also me (dreaming like a kid): trust me, this is much better and fun.

  7. Anthony Norris

    Midgets and dwarfs dream car there

  8. LJ is best driver

    That's cool but needs a motorbike engine lol

  9. OddEdd

    bbc should hire this guy as top gear presenter

  10. AviatorDube

    So if you get flashed by a camera for speeding, you can actually get a Notice of intended prosecution & points??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. mijuo roui

      If my car doesn't pass it MOT this year I'm gonna be pissed

  11. J Clarke

    New carpet? Or just don't like shoes?

  12. j eii

    Seat belts?

  13. K2o

    Love it guys, thanks! One tiny tiny request... Is it ok to turn up the gamma slightly? it looks a bit grey'ed/washed out. Appreciate the sun is blearing from the windows and making the shot a little whacky. Thanks!

  14. vilter14

    That shit Busssinn

  15. Tony FPV

    Can you clarify if it's road-legal or not?

  16. Daniel Mannion

    I wonder how he managed to get it road legal

  17. Finn Boden

    Alex will you piss of taken piss out of us

  18. Baby Mustang

    he is living my childhood dream...

  19. Mozzie

    Now I want a road legal tiny toy motorcycle... Hold my beer

  20. 류블루

    안전벨트 안하나

  21. Eric DEMASI

    next stop is putting go kart engine in it

  22. S D

    I want to see Warwick Davis in this. Make it happen.

  23. Cyber Wolfy

    3:07 7yo me driving the trolly in the store be like:

  24. 2 girls 1 cup

    actually, i think somebody else had an even smaller one road legal first. if you want it to be the worlds fastest, its going to have to do 100mph actually, maybe more. define kids car. they vary alot. the fastest power wheels is around 100mph. and then there are half size, 80% size, its not unlikely they are even faster. there is a company that makes a car for smaller drivers that goes 140mph if i remember right.

  25. Cyber Wolfy

    5yo me " My dream car"

  26. Eric DEMASI

    road legal where?

  27. Lucas Boyt

    Elon Musk should do this to a Tesla

  28. C Russell

    If my car doesn't pass it MOT this year I'm gonna be pissed

  29. Maheshwar Mahe

    Much needed for India

  30. M A#np

    how is this road legal?

  31. Kirk Lamplugh

    Tom looks massive against Alex. He must be 5' 10".

  32. Robert James

    British drivers have so much patience

  33. j

    What boring people disliked this 🙄

  34. Ben

    Rover 25 GTI or 200 BRM I’m thinking

  35. Linda H

    Make the wing so it folds in for stores.

  36. David Cizek

    5:11 whats faster the toy car or the bmw in the background 🤣

  37. Frankie Bouchard

    Yes 88 miles per hour!

  38. noodled

    It's really annoying hearing him mispronounce the words, especially Takumi and Trueno.

  39. Launchpad McQuack

    I had a 2 door Jetta I bought for 300$ that I beat till it blew smoke like a locomotive, and it took a lot abuse before that. I will buy a Jetta any day of the week for the money's worth.

  40. Infernal

    Every kid's dream

  41. Jayden Roberts

    I have this same car but it’s manualised automatic

  42. kusama ID

    That car make Japanese kei car look big.

  43. AJ MOORE

    so if someone steals it would it be grand theft auto?

  44. Northern a4

    I think it's handles so well because of all the down force that spoiler gives.

  45. Crispy Paer

    Did I saw a Supra or FT-1? It's already exist. It's Supra!

  46. Dan

    Southern gas crisis got me here

  47. Cricis11700

    Damn!!!! This would give a suzuki cappuccino a run for its money xD

  48. ImBradz


  49. Gabe Pee

    Is there Bunnings in the UK?

  50. Bram .Patola

    60mph = yes

  51. Ok

    Driving this beast, the kids will surely get lot of chicks.

  52. dillan patel

    I’m late to the party, but I loved this series!! You have inspired me to try and buy back my old lost friend (2012 Honda Accord Coupé ~90,000mi I used to call Hondaghini) and restore it back to when I bought it brand new. It would be awesome to see it and see how many “Miles” it’s accumulated since we parted ways.

  53. idk anymore man

    The peel p50 of the modern era

  54. Modi

    I live in London and in my area it costs 2.1k to insure a 2010 Volkswagen

  55. TractorGuy19

    I swear it looks like Bunnings....

  56. MaySpitfire

    Road legal, where are they florida?


    Is the VW 2.5L the same as the RS3's? I have a mk2 Jetta and debating on getting the 5 cyl or VR6

  58. matthew natividad

    His insurance rates must be tiny

  59. Nizar Plays

    My man ran out of contents I guess XD Never thought I had to see this day.

  60. Sven Schuifelhoofd

    YES i enjoyed this hilarious video :D Is the wide spoiler to meet legal dimensions?

  61. Daniel Chambers

    Omaze is unavailable in my region which is the Caribbean

  62. Don M

    The next James Bond car

  63. Alessandro Mazzini

    *Me doing all theese things by mere sensation from the First Time i drove a car* HAPPYNESS

  64. Onur Gümüş

    fantastic content!

  65. blackamangames

    High Wycombe ✔️👊🏾

  66. NatureXwars

    Their iconic grilles look more like nostrils than kidneys imo, I don't get why they're not called nostrils when it's literally two holes between the eyes (headlights).

  67. Gutz Phantome

    I almost understand building cars to piss people off after watching this video