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    In episode #7 of Roast My Ride, we take a look at more of your cars and give our thoughts!
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    1. Gutz Phantome

      I almost understand building cars to piss people off after watching this video

    2. Dobstair _BMW

      Waiting for the next Episode 😂 i realy wanna hear what alex has to say about my e61 😁

    3. Wesley Roodbol

      U guys loving a yellow suzuki thats fucked up and hating on a clean as fuck scirocco🥱🥱

    4. Aayan Hussain

      Tbh it's funny cuz I actually like some of the cars they roast😂😂

    5. LastUKEmperor

      Please keep this series going! I really enjoy seeing piece-of-shit cars and cringing. I haven't the foggiest idea why.

    6. LastUKEmperor

      If there is one car in the world I would want to have for the rest of my life its Phil

    7. Young Fubar

      The eclipse is built and looks stock, it's awesome. Alex your opinion is wrong

    8. rubensosatuub

      We have the 3 "luxury" plates here in the netherlands as well, but only here they look cool. GB plates should be "flat"

    9. ink

      11:06 please tell this guy to swab his camera sensor, so much dust!

    10. Freziod

      9:30 hey, I see this around Madison, WI all the time :D

    11. Triggas

      Me: sees normal ok car These guys: HOLY S*** SO UGLY OMG!

    12. Yanick Lange

      7:14 why are the rear wheels off center that much? 😂

    13. Sam Broadbent

      Everything they hated I loved 😂 •Scirocco •A3 •Clio •A1

    14. Pescara Productions

      Is it just me or does everyone do the same damn thing with their cars these days?

    15. Eloines

      I don't think Kim is a "he"..

    16. Ben Rosenberg

      How can you not like the scirocco, it's such a stunning car. Not in purple though

    17. Gregory Perkins

      What is wrong with the sirraco

    18. Padoru Kurumi

      8:59 *U LOOKED*

    19. Dusk13

      Suzuki Swift white wheels. There Ken Block signature wheels.

    20. Maxx Hinch

      Ngl even I’m getting sick of BMWs

    21. Kevron Harris

      That subwoofer in the Volvo C30 looks dope!

    22. Brontosaurus

      That sirroco was looking great

    23. Melchor Vincent Agot

      This should have been named Rice or Nice.

    24. Daniel Fekete

      that's a nice fucking saab mate

    25. Rui Santos

      The Audis and the Clio... (Colin picture... Sooo distracting) should be used as (Colin picture) bazooka targets... Also there's a very distracting Colin picture behind Alex that is a bit distracting.

    26. Mayank Maximum

      Shoud had bougth sticcco r

    27. Chris Buckley

      How to Post a pic?

    28. Chris Buckley

      Got a 2000 audi tt turbo for cheap wanted to show you what I got from 3000$ us has 4ok turbo paint rims and coilovers heated seats manual with overdrive running 385hp 16lbs of boost

    29. Lance Washington

      I honestly feel like I'm watching three old farts complain about children having fun

    30. Chris B

      Enough with the BMW's & VW's.

    31. Daniel Lynch

      whoa, that all white c30 was soooooo much cooler than the one with the black hood, that was 160hp with racing seats? that one was rice af, idk why you guys hate on the undoubtedly undeniably cleaner all white one, just because it's lower?? it's probably on air ride. I don't understand, I get that you guys are older, but you praised the ricey car and bashed the clean one, lol, I know this is a roast, but you guys clearly have your opinions 😂😂👍👍 all love bois

    32. Juho Jalonen

      10:21 Coupe? E30? :D It's a 2 door sedan man!

    33. SLAV willis Almera

      Love the jimmy , would love mine to be as nice , close but needs work 🤙👍 some cool cars there too

    34. ThaDutchDK1989

      3:12 yet another bmcrap. Get that overrated crap of my screen.

    35. OwcaJP2GMD 2137

      You dont like this becouse its Japanese 9:30 but miata is on the wall XD

    36. Ollie Thomson

      Why is it such a big thing to slam your car..... it looks awful

    37. Ollie Thomson

      Typical scene tit @7:05

    38. i6 Billy

      im so angry my totally uninspiring very normal car didnt make it in the episode.

    39. Josh B

      People with Gravity stickers 🤮🤮

    40. Sam De Weerd

      That clio is not that bad only the colour and the backlight where bad 🤣

    41. uwot mate

      It should be illegal to have a e30 as your first car

    42. mmmpointy

      First car, love it! KLF Ford Timelord.

    43. Olddirtytiger

      Holy shit a Lada propa tank , in Jamaica they used them as taxis for years they were everywhere

    44. Glenn David

      Plenty of GR Yaris owners shittyfying their cars as we speak. 😜

    45. D filthy sloth

      somethings wrong with the car throttle site, cant register

    46. J R

      Stock the scirocco looked better

    47. Jack Maunder

      That clio is sick

    48. Heikki Remes

      That Lada was amazing! Those wheels are perfect!

    49. William Hawthorne

      Lada challenge lads ?!

    50. Max Wamsley

      Only 33s😯

    51. xKiLLzZx1

      where can i send pictures of my car ?

    52. Sam Seton

      Anyone else see the scirocco on TikTok?

    53. Full Throttle With Dervish

      Great laugh boys! You offer me lots of inspiration to buy more cars!

    54. Stuurdie Rotzooinaar

      👏 13:47 👏

    55. Fightics

      That audi a1 makes me feel sick the gravity sticker makes me want to cry

    56. Kyle Waugh

      Introducing Jack and Ethan on screen full time was easily the best thing that happened to CT

    57. EF

      I have a Japanese Supra with a bmx badge on the front do you like it 😂

    58. The Marauder

      12:09 A stanced clio with..... a diffuser 🤦‍♂️

    59. Young nigga

      Bro we know who u guys trying copying its ma boi DREWPEACOCK. Next time create your own stuff hahaha lmao @drewpeacock

    60. an fridge

      they should roast some youtuber cars and see who they can piss off

    61. DownShift

      Soo I'll send my Stock Scirocco to save Scirocco's reputation

    62. David Thornton

      The Lada was the best looking car today.

    63. Awais Ali

      That E30 would’ve been the dream first car along with a E60 535d or e92 335i 🤷🏽‍♂️ Guess I’m stuck with my 1.0 Focus Ecoboost for now 😂

    64. Sillybolx

      Gun the scirocco but then love off the gayest swift... wtf lol

    65. TheTyisAwesome

      90hp E30 💀🤣

    66. TheTyisAwesome

      "fully striped out" 2 subs in the back... Lmao

    67. Areed 508

      More please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    68. Sam Westenskow

      I absolutely loved the that Cruiser, was it in Utah or Colorado?

    69. Mujtaba Ahmed

      5:09 we saw this car many times

    70. Alex Jarrett

      That Saab is gorgeous! Drift trike is sick too

    71. Ammageddon89

      So you guys hate on pretty much every C30 but you love a Stock-Looking Saab ^^ interesting 🤔 (no, those C30s weren't great. But neither was the Saab if you ignore the technical aspect)

    72. James Stevens

      Ethans knowledge and opinion has really come on in these roasts

    73. Lazar Tsaprev

      If you live in one of the old soviet republics you know that Ladas are just honest pieces of shit and they are not exotic at all. There is literally nothing nice about them.

    74. Tom Dilley

      Taking the piss out of people while use a Mac ? Epic fail. Ask mike what happened.

    75. EC Vlogs

      Yeah. Luke Morris no longer holds his license 😂😂😂 he was due in court for 98 in a 70 then it got delayed coz of covid for a year. Enough time for him to be an even more shit driver and fly into a tree at ‘40’

    76. Eric Wall

      The guy that owes the A1 I wonder does he actually think that looks nice, hopefully he will cop on now and crush it

    77. Steve

      Year 2001 called it wants that pink clio back. Why has a dude got a purple/pink colour vw scirroco? Sunstrips in 2021?

    78. Jack grey

      E30 what an Amazing first car

    79. jothain

      I fully agree on these, though imo that Mitsubishi was ok. Audi, Renault and that MX-5 owners should be smacked really friggin' hard. That Saab looked really clean.

    80. Maza

      That audi is the worst thing ive ever seen.

    81. yoko the micra

      Seeming as the bmw e46 330i touring is the best car in the world. I have a challenge for you. I know they’ve been featured a lot on the channel, but here it goes. You have a budget of £500 to buy one that is road worthy and has mot etc, then you will have to travel around Europe to see what it’s like. At certain places, stop off and complete various challenges. For example, space in side and how much stuff could you fit in (that means in the car only), mpg etc. You have to visit as many countries as you can in 24 hours and return back to England writhing that time. Hopefully you guys see this. And good luck of it goes through, not expecting to see it anytime soon because of Covid but in the nearest future it would be great to see. You could do as a special, and have an extra long episode! Love the content during lockdown, and before!

    82. Joe

      Ethan owns a Z3 but doesn't like BMWs? Bit hypocritical.

    83. Simon Thomas

      I never thought I’d ever say this but that Lada is Awesome!!

    84. bogus1st

      they like Ladas on that there Garage 54 chanel

    85. Rob Mead

      Is it me or does the saab have a better look

    86. Rob Mead


    87. Rob Mead


    88. Jayz Craze

      Hey guys! My daughter and I have been watching your videos for years! My daughter is 12 and absolutely loves your videos and loves Alex, when I get home from work she’s always watching your ‘2 guys one car’ videos! Would it be possible for you to give her a shout out in one of your videos Alex, she would love that so much, her name is Maylee! Today is my B-Day and I would have loved to hang out with you guys but Im in the US. Btw I’m the same age as Alex! Hope you guys have a great day! 🚗 🚙 🚘

    89. Simon Ploug

      14:28 daaaayum.. Look at that Yaris in the back though.

    90. Larry L

      I like BMWs - but Alex’s love for BMWs is putting me off BMWs...

    91. CChello

      Your taste is so boring, if you had to pick a favourite spice you'd probably pick flour.

    92. CChello

      That Saab is soooo boring, why were you giving it such a high rating? Just a black, next to stock Saab

    93. Dhruv Dhiman

      Its so much fun watching Ethan getting more and more inclined towards cars with every new video that comes out. Mike Brewer was right, you either meet a car guy or you meet a non-car guy, but you never get to witness a guy transitioning into a car guy. Man this is so cool!!!

    94. Luke Morgan

      The scirocco is on tiktok I love it personally

    95. MightyMullet

      Says Futuras are shit wheels? Sorry what? You guys have lost me there. That 36 👌🏼

    96. Thomas Gibson

      Can we see the sunset without the car 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    97. Jan Maurycy Uszko

      Lada Samara next project car ?

    98. paul taylor

      Lovely Jubbly lads.

    99. Mike Bader

      Fair play to the lad who bought an E30 as a first car, nice to see!

    100. SAMUSINK

      Alex : says that he doesn't like Japanese cars Alex : *Owns a miata*