This Is What 0-60 In 2.8 Seconds Does To A Man

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    For your chance to win a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and $20,000 and support a great cause, enter here:
    This week, Ethan finds out what 0-60mph in under 3-seconds feels like (and nearly vomits) from the passenger seat of the mega Porsche Taycan Turbo S.
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    1. jammychap

      Headbanging stuff lol

    2. isthatujeebus

      I would NEVER get tired of that. My missus may have a different opinion.

    3. Kinetic Kiwi

      If i win this car i'm buying citroen amis for ethan and alex

    4. Gareth Helliwell

      Raving about 0 to 60 in 2.8 mph. He's clearly never been on a 1000cc motorbike.

    5. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

      9:31 Alex is officially a rapper that Eminem is scared to diss (talking speed)

    6. Joshua Varghese

      16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.John 3:16-17

    7. Tjorben Janosch

      Jeez... Those brakes are probably bigger than my wheels! Poor lil Lupo 🤭

    8. Stephanie Barker

      Omg omg omg me and my mate Rufus met you just after you stopped filming this, you was up in Farley mount and we was on a dog walk!!! Do you guys remember??

    9. Jack Gibb

      Whys it called a turbo if its electric?

    10. K E

      Why calling an electric car a turbo though ?

    11. Trucker'Ed

      I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣

    12. MSKD

      Pretty sure Ethan never got banged this much in a car 😂

    13. Peter Pankov

      I love how the rear seats have the shoulder things that stop you from sliding around

      1. Jordan Beames


    14. Photo By

      This is AUTOMOTIVE ROYALTY here!.. We're talking PORSCHE. The BEST brand in automobile history!!!!!!!

    15. Nehil Joshi

      this is the first video of CT that i didnt care to watch from start to end also the exterior of that fake turbo frog is at max overall 3 rear 7 front 2

    16. Michael Gill

      This is the first electric car I actually want.

    17. SKM Tech

      Is he really that weak, he looks like his about to snap 😂😂

    18. Manas Pradhan

      i completely cracked up at the okay pose bit lmao

    19. Kristian Niss

      Turbo?..... there's a turbo in it? Thought it was electric.

    20. Nick- Andre

      HA!!! 2.9 pft 1.9

    21. Deimos

      I wish I was rich.. This looks so fun to drive.

    22. N4REK

      Please more videos like this please

    23. mr740

      TURBO? WHY? There`s no effing engine to put one on!

    24. Jinjo!

      Lots of people in the comments about why "turbo" Turbo can mean: "big, powerful, fast" in common parlance, and not just referring to a turbocharger, so they aren't wrong to call it that really. But it definitely isn't great marketing.

    25. Jinjo!

      This is gotta be the funniest video you've done so far 😂

    26. VjSucksAtStuff.

      Alternative title: *36 Year old British man breaks his cameraman’s neck, ribs, and phone.*

    27. zero00dash Channel

      change the body color to neon pink

    28. Hitachi 42 inch TVs are power consuming monsters

      How tf can a electric car have a turbo?? Bloody stupid

    29. Chris Preddy

      When are these guys going to present Top Gear? BBC take note, your current line up is shit.

    30. Dominic Wilds

      Was this filmed in and around the Sparsholt area by any chance. Just thought i recognised all of those roads

      1. Dominic Wilds

        @James Macdonald Yea i was thinking exactly the same. I recognised the crossroads and the carpark

      2. James Macdonald

        Same, looks like Farley Mount area.

    31. MrMarty77

      Was this pulled and re-released?

    32. Royston Pinto

      This just in: British man in hospital after being assaulted by a German.

    33. Tim Lyne

      Sorry why exactly isn’t Car Throttle making Top Gear?

    34. Jordan Britnell

      How do you turbocharge an electric car? Porsche needs to revamp their marketing.

      1. Jinjo!

        Turbo can mean: "big, powerful, fast" in common parlance, so they aren't wrong really. But it definitely isn't great marketing.

    35. Mike M

      Hahahahaha! I love you guys, and the shit you give to Ethan, how the hell did the most pedestrian person alive get this gig? It makes for much hilarity though keep it up! 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Mr Race Car

      I love seeing Ethan in pain

    37. Ian Weston

      Did you let Ethan drive it ?

    38. VYRUS Gaming

      How electric car can have turbo

    39. Rohan Ram

      This car makes Tesla look likes it from the 80's 🤧

    40. Adriano Lacerda

      Turbo Porsche but no Turbo

    41. Khuram SY

      It's a been a long time since I've seen and heard something so funny. Lol.

    42. Matt Bolt

      2.3 tonnes. That thing is a boat.

    43. zknarc

      Not a single turbo was seen that day despite Ethan's O face.

    44. Evari

      The borat impression Made me like

    45. Victor Valet

      I ve tested it, it s real, your head hits the seat so hard 😂

    46. LibC

      Next week on Ethan Sues car throttle for whiplash. What's mad is this isn't even the fastest electric car on the market, just biblical acceleration. I always get concerned the tires will let go on a crappy bit of road, let alone the risk of binning a 150 grand car. You guys should discuss the options list on your next podcast. Throw a few bells and whistles on (sir would like wheels? Just the one?) and it doubled in price, god knows how much it'd cost if you went fully loaded.

    47. neil walsh

      A front caliper will cost more than the shit boxes you boys buy

    48. Preda R6

      I probably wil not win but my god its a dream that's for sure

    49. Život je jedan

      Ethan is king.

    50. Adrian Beaumont

      Nuff love for Ethan he's great!!!

    51. Primož Resman

      What more do you want? An estate.

    52. G G

      I guess he really enjoy really big things slapping him in the face.. and getting whiplashes from sudden movements..

    53. J024

      Another channel falls victim to this scam.....

      1. J024

        @Jinjo! Wtf are you blabbing about.

      2. Jinjo!

        Face it dinosaur your time is coming to an end, power to weight of electric motors is unbeatable by anything but jets and rockets. The only thing holding the cars back is the weight of the batteries, a problem that is going to go away now solid state batteries are a thing.

    54. RHDrivingSlovenia

      It may accelerate demon-like fast, but it is still one of the ugliest cars Porsche ever made.

      1. Jinjo!

        One of the best, finally doing away with that ugly 911 based design.

      2. zknarc

        And heaviest

    55. Tim the Enchanter

      You'd think after the first couple of launches he'd learn to just keep his head back lol

    56. Kane Undabel

      Even knowing that you got a german background of some kind it is always a pleasure to my ears if an english speaking person gets the word/name "Porsche" correct.... with an non silent E at the end :) So THANKS!

    57. banzaiman1

      How many miles does it do before it runs out of charge?

    58. Adrian Echim

      Your pants were kinda ridiculous anyway

    59. Kevin

      Absolutely brilliant can’t stop laughing at Ethan his face lol brilliant love it excellent video content as always cheers

    60. Kamal LB

      Reality is it's better that 2.8 for 0-60.

    61. Steven Yoo

      Ethan is like the frosting on Car Throttle

    62. Tiago Matos

      Brake disks are bigger than my fokin wheels

    63. Maurizio Naldi

      electric is not the future anymore, its the fucking present, and a DAMN FAST one Love the Taycan !!!

    64. Ollie H

      Ethan needs to learn that when you’re in a fast car you need to keep yourself IN the seat

    65. Poojitha Balawardhana

      You can actually fool a person by telling them you've been rear ended by putting the foot down 😂😂

    66. stephon kerslake

      your from the uk why all the dollors and american rubish

    67. Sw Tan

      7:15 Yup that's a lot of G

    68. extreme8808

      That's the best torture for Ethan, even better than changing the brake pads 😂😂

    69. 896gerard

      11:31 now that's earth gravity loosing it to the longitudinal 1.1g that this car pulls..

    70. Carl Tilley

      And why is it a turbo s ? where is the turbo?

    71. Carl Tilley

      The calipers look ridiculous

    72. Marcel Polman

      Call it turbo s. Doesn’t have a turbo.

    73. YAMAURIXT500

      Alpine A110, Taycan Turbo S and a Jimny... actually a decent garage

    74. TheMacz69

      I think the taycan is one of the best looking 5 door cars out there

    75. Sylvia Campbell

      Pretty irrelevant in the real world.

      1. Jinjo!

        As is any performance car for that matter, speed limit through most towns is 30, the national limit 60 and motorways 70. A modern 1 litre granny mobile with a 0-60 of 13 seconds can do that.

    76. joe hurst

      Faster torque ...😂😂😂. Brilliant . I need to recalibrate my torque wrench to Ethan scale ...I can see it taking off.

    77. Madeej555

      Tbh, such giveaways do amaze me

    78. Vučko Mrakić

      The ugliest front lights on Porsche ever.

    79. Nick Smith-Chandler

      Chiropractors have found the answer to the pandemic

    80. pribor_333

      This car is the only one EV that is worth something

    81. The_Horse361 Show

      20 thousand dollas!

    82. Orlando Lazar

      Tesla looks like it has two extra chromosomes compared to this

    83. Phil Lewis

      "On the car park I wouldn't give it a second look".... He's right! 😂

    84. Kev R

      Where’s the turbo? 🤔

    85. mufflejoy

      How to make a person sea sick by erratic driving - not so entertaining.

    86. Mark MacRae

      What I learned from this video is that the headrest in this car is really uncomfortable.

    87. Chris Richmond

      Poor Ethan .. But what a machine .. I have been promised a test drive in one of these once lockdown is over were I live & the dealer has one in . I am really looking forward to it 😀

    88. Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra

      Ummmm, that's an electric car, but have turbo in it? I'm lost

    89. Harish Nayar

      Ethan knows way too much now 😂

    90. Kevin And His Car

      on one hand it's hilarious, but on the other, poor Ethan!! he looks like he's getting so frustrated!

    91. Birk

      question is if the title refers to the man with the whiplash or the man who turned into a manchild?

    92. Subzero Arctics

      "It's like people who designed it know what they're doing." YUP!

    93. Quattordici Montenapoleone

      Can't help but feel they should've done away with the Turbo-moniker here. It's not a turbo, so get those marketing people off their comfortable asses and have them earn their money for a change.

    94. mark hood

      "i dont like that, i dont like that at all" "well your wrong"

    95. nixsound

      Why is there 'turbo' in the name?

    96. gavin Hh

      How is it a turbo????

    97. gavin Hh

      Size on those calipers!!!!!!

    98. Ben Graham


    99. Dylan Shanks

      Faster torque

    100. David HB

      I’m just here to see Alex in a tight shirt.