Public Transport Vs 500hp BMW M4 Competition

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    In this week's special video, we find out what's the fastest way to get to the most northerly point in England. Public transport or a BMW M4 Competition?
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 12 dana


    1. aWoL Nation

      Granted, public transport in the uk is great. But public transport for most of the U.S is kinda shit. The best public transport I’ve used when in the us was in Washington DC.

    2. Aaron

      19:05 they must be pretty close to be within unlicensed radio Comms :')

    3. Ghais Ali

      21:33 - finally we have seen a legit sirious face of Alex🤣🤣

    4. Honk Honk

      I'd rather take the train that drive such an ugly car

    5. Patrick Fred

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      3. Okunini Raymond

        All nice recommendations

      4. Shower Robert

        Tell her I referred you please

      5. Shower Robert

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    6. Daniel Chambers

      Omaze is unavailable in my region which is the Caribbean

    7. Theo Knows Cars

      this looks like top gear

    8. User 1

      Top gear remember Jeremy Clarkson in a Nissan gtr in China VS Jeremy and Hammond going on public transport exactly like this but in the uk

      1. Kenya Tanzania


    9. Smithy's garage

      Love watch your show guys. It has given me a kick up the backside to start my channel. Keep up the good work guys 👍

    10. X wisdom

      Sheffield does steel. Don't know about anywhere else in the north still doing steel. I assume it's a dying trade.

    11. X wisdom

      Liner trains are most of the time delayed and late to arrive at stations. I speak from experience. Train travel in Britain is the worst your best just getting a form of private transportation.

    12. Thomas Velluet - Draper

      3:08 @Car Throttle please, please, please do a video on London rules! It will help those us who move there massively.

    13. Zarlandris

      Should not have stopped for gas

    14. Zarlandris

      The entire car is ruined by that enormous grill

    15. Nick Wil

      God u boys should try and get the old top gear boys on

    16. Ryan Lim

      Tbh it's not rly fair at the end bcs Alex had to run whereas ethan and Jack had scooters, if only he could drive the m4 down there ahahha

    17. Szabolcs Nagy

      That sheffield accent got me rollin. :D you southern bastard LOL

    18. 1985Exorcist666

      I really wish I could watch this video but for me as a BMW fanboy from the 80s on the front grill of this cars is so ugly I cant stand this. Actually if I see one of the new BMW from the front I want to burn my eyes. In 10 Years these generation of BMW cars is more hated than the BMW E65 and this was an ugly car from a company that had build really nice cars that aged well at the past. Look at the E38. Seems like they want their last petrol cars to be ugly so their future electric cars can be pretty again. I mean the I8 looked good.

    19. jimbob2bob

      Nothing worse than racing to catch a train.

    20. Nova

      Shoulda stopped off in Sheff for a cuppa! Ye southern bastard😂

    21. LiftFan

      People may knock our public transport but it's not half as bad as our roads! Speed cameras galore and slow drivers everywhere

    22. ben metcalf

      North of Newcastle the motorway just sort of stops, and doesn't return untill Edinburgh.

    23. Bianca Nurton

      Next time it should be Geoff Marshall in public transit vs Ethan in a car.

      1. Bianca Nurton

        Or Alex in public transit and Geoff in a performance car.

    24. Joe Goodman

      Top Gear hasn’t got nothing on you Surrey boys! Keep making them, we’ll keep watching them. 👍🏻

    25. FatHead1979

      Alex loves a bit of middle lane hogging doesn't he? And I assume this M4 wasn't fitted with the "optional" indicator pack either! #DriveItLikeABeemer

    26. Simon Thomas

      I sooooooo wanted Ethan to lose this time!! That M4 is sublime. Apart from the ugly grilles.

    27. James Hancock

      Since the grand tours stopped being a weekly thing I’ve always thought that these guys are the new Clarkson Hammond and May

    28. SB13X

      Ahh leaving the general public to take care of themselves on public transport. Don't need staff when people can look after themselves and understand how it works with phones, machines etc.

    29. SlavikMiro

      Eww that BMW LOOKS NASTY😒

    30. Simon T

      It would have been so funny if three minutes from go you got arrested on the scooters.

    31. MoistGoat

      Next time take a fuel can Alex, every second counts

    32. The Ben who posts comments

      11:55 when you switch to filming on the £50 alcatel

    33. Tahmedur Rahman

      Excellent! Please more of these videos! Reminds me of Top Gear.....


      he was in a bmw and used the blinkers my face was😯😯

    35. Ryan Healy

      Future Top Gear Presenters

    36. Mark Plenty


    37. Stewart Grindlay

      Top Gear eat your heart out!!!!! Only need to decide who’s May and Hammond!!!

    38. Simon Aksomit

      This is like the older top gear! So entertaining!

    39. Mohammed Siddique

      Comes across gt3rs and didn’t even mention the yellow Camaro right next to it

    40. Case16710

      Good thing Jack and Ethan WILL run on camera…

    41. Geo Sid

      That 500bhp came really handy in the 60 zones with traffic

    42. Peekaboo

      That's a seriously ugly car.

    43. Autoview Carrepairpreston

      Alex was cheated = those electric Scooters are only legal on private land - not pavements or paths in the UK. Jack & Ethan get those swimming trunks on!

    44. ali_iqbal10

      IM FROM DONNY 😂😂😂😂

    45. Benedict Stancu


    46. Eye Spy Audit

      Chicken McNuggets is McDonalds not KFC 🙈🤣

    47. Jack Ling

      top gear vibes

    48. Daniel Agostinho

      Alex needs to be carefull with google maps. Recent updates makes it show the greenest route not the fastest

    49. Yotam Khrizman

      The Grand Tour 2.0

    50. thatgaminguy

      Technically jack and Ethan lost because the scooter is private transport.

    51. Bradyameister

      Bloody love you guys always telling my friends in Australia about you😁

    52. Edwardbrown

      Alex went full BMW driver in some moments

    53. D.

      £77K 😅 in the UK? The exact same spec car costs €166K (£144K) in the Netherlands. Please do not complain.

    54. Darah Doyle

      Great video lads,Top Gear lite.

    55. vcdrny

      Damn that car is ugly.

    56. Mohamad Al Madani

      top gear on a budget

    57. unbelievableflyingdrunkenpotatowithnolife

      Would love to see Jeremy, James and Richard join you in a race across the UK.

    58. Mark Higgins

      While I love these races, and the fact it’s taking over the old top gear races, I never understand taking an M4 on a trip where they have to drive economically to make it on one tank of fuel, any fast diesel would do the trip much much quicker!!

    59. Isak s

      you got 503 horses in a car with a face ugly enough that not even a mother could love it. crush all the tall grille bimmers and put the designers in them.

    60. Rafflesio

      f*ck me, i cave in, i love the new M4. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    61. grisza77

      Nice Octavia coup

    62. erinrhuncymru1982

      Better than the rubbish new top gear

    63. Quick Nick Driver

      Should’ve had a swim mate, get some heat into those muscles after that long drive

    64. Cruising the Waterways

      these lads should be hosting Top Gear, theres real gel between them

    65. PrimeGlaz

      How about another challenge for the future, St ives near plymouth to Burghead (Elgin) in scotland? Alex motorcycle Ethan Drives and Jack takes public transport 13 hour trip via car 16 & half hours via transport Rest breaks are required

    66. Rusty Shackleford

      wot about fuel costs vs cost of train tickets?

    67. Marten

      08:42 “In a modern M-car that can be a f**king sport plus mode”

    68. Jesper

      Do this in germany. 300kph ICE train vs some super sedan on the Autobahn

    69. Silas Mayes

      Wish we had great public transit in the US!

    70. AJCgolf

      Great video guys, but what we learnt is...if Alex was in a 420d the car would have won 😜

    71. Wili

      This channel might be the saviour to all people who miss the good top gear

    72. 2E (16) Yuen Chung Lam Ivan

      when you were talking about the fuel and range and all that, you sounded like an F1 strategist. ever considered a job at ferrari?

    73. John Doe

      God that car looks horrendous

    74. Bozhidar Bozhilov


    75. theBMWF48dude

      the moment this goes across countries in europe just like those old TG episodes, alex and the car stands a chance to win.

    76. CoquetTech

      GIVE OVER!!!! The car clearly wins!!! I don't think scooters count as "Public Transport" they are 100% personal............ bloody cheats LOL!!

    77. RaiderOfTheLost

      I mean, I'd buy their merch but I don't want to look like I'm rocking Halfords merch

    78. Craig Nelson

      What's with the tiny towel?

    79. M2Ben

      fun fact, 6 points and £200 for using those escooters. Be careful.

    80. Damian Brown

      Not enough mid roll ads 😑

    81. Joe MacLeod-Iredale

      Two men on scooters race a pig from angry birds...

    82. Tuddec

      Since these are staged anyways, why not make the car win?

    83. ServiceSaab

      Why is that BMW front end growing on me.....

    84. Matt P

      That double bluff was solid. This is a high level strategy game. 🤣

    85. ashley explores

      Love these type of vids

    86. L2

      loved this video boys, but to be honest i don’t think it mattered whether he did it in a M4, a Toyota Aygo, or a Bugatti Chiron, when sticking to the speed limit the result would always have been the same give or take a couple of minutes.

    87. integraf40

      Move left when not overtaking

    88. ADwe Gaming

      Just do a video with the blue škoda vs public transport since you have to obey the traffic laws anyways.

    89. Reehad Miah

      The bmw grills are so ugly don't know what they were thinking

    90. Torque of the Devil

      Just as I started thinking the new M3 was okish that awful yellow colour highlighted the hofmeister kink is gone! So that’s a big no from me.

    91. Wem

      Those 20,000 dollars would come in quite handy to buy a New bumper for the thing 😅

    92. Markus W

      This type of challange is usefull in Germany but not in England, where there is a speedlimit. You could drive a 50hp car and you would be as fast as you are with 500hp xD

      1. jimbob2bob

        German trains are still faster than driving.

    93. Truth Seeker

      The Ugliest car BMW ever made

    94. OuJ104

      Great content. More like this please lads!

    95. Samuel Oladipupo

      Reminds me of the good top gear days

    96. DrKampfpudding

      I aprechiate the effort of BMWs PR group. But no matter which youtubers you lend your New cars to. They are and will stay very unpleasant to look at imo, wouldnt buy one.

    97. random person

      24:36. what this proves is that the real top gear boys (jezza, hamster and james) have HAD all the best ideas already!

    98. BadDrivers

      As much as I love this show. Aren’t e scooters illegal?

    99. Arnold Clarke

      Can’t watch sheep wearing muzzles.