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    This week, we discuss 'near death by pigeon' (with accompanying video), give advice on how to buy a used car and introduce a new game into the podcast!
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 3 mjeseci


    1. Pierre Inthavong

      41:10 "In his arse" LOL!

    2. Luke Smith

      Oscar Vs Ethan.. servicing a car challenge

    3. XD Snart

      alex i just bught a crysler grand voyger 3.3 v6 for 50 punds

    4. Xico Da carga máxima

      Yes in Portugal we pay insurance but i dont know how much for this specific car/cars

    5. Francis Waters

      I really like these videos but you guys dont seem to understand how podcasts work. I try listening to CT podcast when I walk my dog but every episode has some visual component which makes it kind of inferior to not watch. You also set it up like a talk show (not counting the headphones) with a nice set and regular interaction with the camera.

    6. Michael P

      I got stung by a wasp once when I was out riding my motorbike. I was riding along, listening to boyzone and just as I came off the roundabout I saw a black silhouette flying towards me. I thought to myself, is this a fly? or if not a fly, what could it be? and then it stung me on the forehead and I realised it was a wasp. This story isn't utterly true, I wasn't listening to boyzone and I didn't have a realisation moment of whether it was a fly. I did get stung by a wasp though and yanked my bike to the side of the road and ripped my helmet off to find it hiding in the helmet liner.

    7. Iceytruth

      I did hear that Jeremy Beadle had a little hand in Top of the Pops

    8. Iceytruth

      Say knock knock

    9. AsadULLAH

      That Knock knock joke killed me

    10. David Pereira

      I am portuguese, and yes we do pay insurance ahah

    11. The Liamerator

      Highlight, Gareth speaking in South African slang🤣🤣🇿🇦🇿🇦

    12. sholehan

      Worlds must famous MX-5? Give over. Sharka would have something to say about that!

    13. Richard Gregg

      i remember my dad having a Fiat Coupe around 1998 in Blue (Alex) When my sister was born (Third Child) he actually tried installing a 3rd lap belt to keep it, but when the car seat wouldn't fit it had to go. He once told me the turbo was so aggressive overtaking was like learning again. Instead of accelerating and then pulling out to pass as you approach, it is a case of pull out then accelerate as so many where written off for rear ending people trying to overtake haha This was also a sad year as my mum got rid of her Alfa Romeo 155, I was only 8 and devastated.

    14. What Ever

      Say "Knock, Knock"

    15. Taylor John

      Allex is 36 lol

    16. rob graham

      I believe it’s a Groucho Marx quote “A man is only as old as the woman he feels “.

    17. rob graham

      Reminds me of a story from the development of the intercity 125 train in the 70’s. They needed to test that the cab could withstand a bird strike at top speed (125 mph Ethan). To do this they borrowed a special air cannon from Rolls Royce which was used to fire chickens into jet engines. For the first test they set the cannon to fire the chicken at 100mph. The cab section was totally destroyed. They then tried again at 70mph with the same result. Not wanting to waste to many cab sections they then invited the Rolls Royce engineers down to advise how best to reinforce them. Come the day it was all set up for the full 125 mph. The high speed cameras were rolling so the failure of the cab could be analysed in full slow mo. The BR (British Rail Ethan) engineers were about to fire the chicken when one of the RR engineers shouted.............. “Guys did you remember to defrost the chicken?”

    18. Shug

      Jaguar I pace is not made by jaguar Landrover, its Assembly in Austria by Graz Magna Steyr along side the Toyota supra the BMW z4 the Mercedes g wagon and a hoast of other high quality cars trucks and such.

    19. TwistSouth

      I’m a bit late but WTF was that outro song? It was the wrong one and I’m deeply offended.

    20. WireyWhenWet

      75k.... Anyone else had the thought to do a gofundme and then get it to the crusher? £2 a person should see it done easy enough.... 80k to get him to press the button to crush it himself as well?? 😉👌🏼

    21. BasilTheBeardie

      Yeah ffs Reece dont ask these lot 🤣🤣🤣😉

    22. BasilTheBeardie

      Knock knock, whos there. Its the vitara.

    23. BasilTheBeardie

      Ethan seems to give you guys content 🤣👍👍❤

    24. BasilTheBeardie

      Yo legit on a dominos delivery i have headbutted a pigeon unintentionally 🤣

    25. Thiago Albino Santos

      Gareth have a good car that Alex didn't like and he have a rust bucket that he calls a car. Welcome to 2021.

    26. Simon Greensmith

      They may not have had garlic in them but I think whatever they had sprinkled on the doughnuts instead of sugar had kicked in by the end.

    27. jawzzo

      sorry but " does it run alright stop alright " is a terrible way to start a car sale

    28. Gary McGurk

      Need to look at saving salvage channel and get him on the podcast !!

    29. Gary McGurk

      Need to get ed and mike on same podcast

    30. Joel Likes Cars

      After all your videos on cheap cars I own 10, stop now

    31. Mathew Beech

      On the pigeon front, my dad used to go on rides with my uncle and their friend. Not sure of the bikes - A Hayabusa, A Kawasaki Ninja and a Honda something or other. The Ninja was my uncle's and brand new - so they all swapped round to give it a test. At full speed along a dual carriageway a pheasant flew straight into his helmet. After wobbling to a blind stop, my dad looked down to see the blue fuel tank covered in blood - not knowing whether it was his of not. The result was a smashed visor, broken glasses, two black eyes and a broken nose. The pheasant had been smashed into at least three main chunks. These were collected up and turned into a pie!


      Anyone else thinks they should actually bring Oscar to the podcast? Obviously when it's all a bit normal and stuff but I believe it'd be a great podcast

    33. Aaron Davis

      Can you make Ethan do a engine swap at 3 mil subs

    34. Clunk

      Saying about asking questions that they have already answered on the advert, I have been caught out with that. Advert said 'MOT 9 Month.' And after paying for the car and getting it home, I found out it only had a months MOT on it. I went back to sort it out, and I was told that the advert was correct. The MOT ran out in the 9th month. I bought it in August. As I was only 19 at the time, I took it on the chin not realising they conned me. (This was 25 years ago. Online MOT checks were not around back then.) So now, I always double check what the advert says and check the paperwork and numbers.

    35. That glowing nugget

      Well I mean this was a thing

    36. Robert Thornton

      Anyone know when Car Throttle's website is going to start accepting new registrations?

    37. Delano Jacobs

      When Gareth came through with "Don't tune me kak" I just about died with pride. 🇿🇦

    38. Miriel91

      we do pay insurense :)

    39. Arch1e Tatts

      Jimmy Broadbent on a podcast? 🤔

    40. Josh Brooks

      In the autumn I was working on a farm. To check all the different enclosures we use a quad bike (Honda Foreman 520). I came out of a narrow path onto the road and sped up to about 60kmph when a conker (still in the green spikey skin) fell out of a tree hitting me directly in the face drawing blood. So its not just pigeons you have to look out for! Stay safe. Love the podcast!

    41. Ricardo Marques

      Make Oscar face Ethan on how to change oil 😂

    42. Daan

      We need an oakly special. And still a t-shirt saying "This can't be undone"

    43. CES Cryptic

      happy birthday day and I wish you a lot of bmw e36's

    44. scatcat1994

      I was once ripping on country roads on my bike, doing about 60mph. Had my visor open, some bug hit my cheek and fucking exploded. Felt its blood and guts dripping down my face, fuck knows what it was but it wasn't no fly.

    45. LucasKV

      I gotta bring it up again but, Mike Brewer's a genuine Lad for lending you his workshop all this time

    46. Rippin' with Ruben

      I'm am a big fan, but I am south African😐...fok of

    47. MrLeafZONE

      Portuguese insurance is SSSSOOOOOOOOO much cheaper than you guys have there in England... but the cars are also more expensive to buy

    48. Serafim Araújo

      Cheapest Vantage in Portugal is almost 20k € more expensive than the GR Yaris. That Carlos is day dreaming.

    49. Isak s

      Rules in sweden to feature a minor on the podcast is that both guardians needs to sign a written approval and I can't imagine that it is much different in UK

    50. Isak s

      I always go 10-20% under the price in the add as long as the seller doesn't state that it is the final price. It is generally easier to lower the price percentage wise on something cheap than something expensive. And don't do what the Arabs that tried to buy the last 3 things I sold used (car, alloy wheels and downhill bike). They all had one thing in common, they offered 500 Swedish kronor (£44) for the thing whilst the cheapest thing I was selling was wheels with almost brand new tires on which my ad was out for 3000 sek and I got 2500 from a nice gentleman that said "I can't bargain, what is a good price for both of us?" and he was very happy with the swift wheels on his splash. Next item was a down hill bike which I had out for 12 000 sek and his reasoning was that he could get a bike from the scrap yard for that price which I rudely told him to do and fuck off. I later sold it to a Swedish chap for 10k Last thing was a car, I had it out for 35 000, I had bought it for 20 000 from a man who couldn't drive anymore due to his bad eyesight, I drove that car for little over a year and gave the car a full makeover both inside and out. A good new polish on the outside, swapped the snapped antenna for a new one and fixed the rock chips in the front of the hood. Indide did I wash everything. But after this overhaul did the car turn into a very nice example with 160 000km on the clock so I put it up and I was immediately offered 500 and the Arab said "the cheapest one is 500 so that is what I want to buy yours for" i promptly told him that he is a fucking idiot cause what he found was a car that the owner was selling as a parts car since the car was too rusty to pass inspection and he couldn't bother to have it towed to the scrap yard

    51. 04srt4champ

      Despise these sit and chat videos

    52. Pierre Inthavong

      Too many bleeps on car throttle podcast, I love it!

    53. TheMrbazooka

      Top job chaps

    54. ste2345

      Is No1 gonna comment on how they sold miles 😭😭

      1. Daniel Storey

        @ste2345 If go back about 2/3 pods, they say it was swapped for a something.

      2. ste2345

        @Daniel Storey they said something about selling it

      3. Daniel Storey

        It wasn’t sold, it was swapped for a Jack they needed for the Z4 project 😳

    55. CarlGB

      Jack and Ethan are the only ones who keep my sanity in these podcasts

    56. The Gibbs Guy

      23:55 for Gareth Rick Ross

    57. Kieran Nash

      1:44 I rewinded that 3 times hahaha

    58. Calum MacKenzie

      Steering stick, see a concept from a few years ago on old Top Gear. Think it was a Saab.

      1. Isaac Kariuki

        The Prometheus.

    59. Jake Buckingham

      £500 0-60mph in under 8 seconds challenge!

    60. Stephen Kean

      quality stuff 👏 🤣

    61. Russell Chapman Esq.

      I nearly got hit by an army helicopter crossing Abberton reservoir. Back in the 90's.

      1. BuzzinsPetRock78

        Yes, but did you close your visor first? If so, I'm sure you would have been ok.

    62. Lewis Palmer

      I dropped my visor and a fat bee exploded on my visor got lucky there was doing 70ish on the motorway

    63. Lewis Palmer

      What grinds my gears is a rattle can paint job, like why would you take no pride in your cars appearance

    64. Neil Bryers

      I think you’re missing a trick not getting Oscar on. I’d pay money to see him school you on car knowledge and you could favour alternative swearing like fudge and fiddle-de-Dee😁 As someone who was taught to drive at 8 you could see if he could out perform you on something. My handbrake turns have never been better than when I was 11 ( no fear). #contentgold!!

    65. ThomasGamer10

      Great vid

    66. sean stampley

      Don't hate on EV's!!

    67. Justin

      53:06 You can, either with FDM or SLA

    68. Samtastic

      Love the Podcast, but I'd rather have the previous intro music!

    69. Stuart Gibb

      10000 Mars bars for Phil..........

    70. SeánsonofMick

      Saab did a steering stick.

    71. vergess

      - knock knock; - who's there? - your engine bearing

    72. S B

      Dude, the knock-knock joke! Quality!!! Alex's face =)))

    73. Isak s

      fun fact, the way i fixed the airbag light on my car was by bridging the power from the charging light to the airbag light. problem solved cause my car has an alcantara steeringwheel anyways so there is no airbag that can stop functioning

    74. doorcam07

      Sorry as long as you have that JLR so called engineer on I am not watching, worked with them for years all stuck up know it alls

    75. Patrick Runge

      You should drive the new GR Yaris on the channel. or just an old regular Yaris and tune the hell out of it with an eBay turbo

    76. Yeah Yeah

      Ethan interjecting with his new found car knowledge is amazing btw the way he says it so sarcastically is brilliant

    77. Ben Mitchell

      Cars do not belong in a garage. Motorbikes and tools. Unless it's a classic, waste of space.

    78. Dave Mulderij

      Thanks Girref for the Afrikaans! Loved that! Didn't get much more then "kakjong" but enjoyed it!

    79. Jack Battle

      This is the first podcast I have watched in a while and I am not disappointed

    80. Juraj Suchán

      44:24 Running Scared (1986) reference ? 😂

    81. Glenn's on one

      1 point away as uk motorways have a 30mph speed limit (minimally) lol.

    82. Grant Hendry

      hey hey hey... leave us South Africans alone... come tune me kak here ;)

    83. J B1

      As someone who lives in Bromley, I know that road very well and pigeons genuinely come down that hill like bullets 🤣

    84. Oceanbunny

      Loved it guys! Makes my home office much more fuuun! 👌🏽

    85. Big Dave

      I've got a lovely Samsung galaxy s5 that Alex can have in exchange for some car throttle merch, it's in cracking condition, starts ok, stops ok, no milky residue.....

    86. Claire Marie

      Love a V6 pur 😎

      1. Car Reviews by M A 7

    87. VW GOLF MK5 from lowline to highline

      Hey I've found footage of Jack being pushed down the road by the lorry just wondering if you guys have seen it it's at 8.07 in the following link Excellent work guys keep it up 👍

    88. Wandile Nxumalo

      I didn't know Garreth was South African. That accent from Alex was on point. LOL

    89. Ted Wallin

      EV talk > bike talk

    90. Pierre Manson

      28:28 as a fellow South African I approve, well done Gareth!

    91. michael

      Thanks for showing my pigeon video and kind words. I’ll send the video with the old bat “assault” soon. I just want to add that whilst I’ve had 5 crashes that settled as non fault, They still taught me valuable lessons. Stay safe, Mike ✌🏼

    92. Chad Johnson

      That van was such a shit idea, it can barely fit a non-midget sized person with a box of muffins. Shoulda picked up an old wide-body camper van or moving truck so you can actually host guests comfortably.

    93. Jacob A

      Maybe it was better if the pigeon did take an eye out. He would have stopped riding a bike before he became paralyzed... sad story :(

    94. Mark Wright

      I don't think a GR Yaris will depreciate that much, like a mk3 Focus RS, etc.

    95. barry scott

      Where’s the van

    96. Michael Slater

      Second comment but who cares best ending to a podcast yet 😂😂

    97. 28joestella

      Alex is basically a South Park character, his jingles sound like Cartman and he has that triangle mouth they all have 🤣

    98. Brian Spenst

      A friend of mine used to ride with just a skull cap. He switched to a full face helmet after hitting a june bug at 55 MPH. It took a chunk from his forehead. For those who have not visited the Eastern US, a june bug is a gold colored beetle that is nearly indestructible.

    99. Graham Ross

      Who's there?

    100. Ollie B

      It really doesn't matter how big your workshop/garage is, in short order it will be full.