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    Huge thanks to Fitness Worx!
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    This week, we discuss the worst car modifications, read out your dealer grievances and Alex tackles Wrong Answers Only!
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    1. Nick Bell

      "vote with your feet" means to walk away and take your business elsewhere... how have you guys never heard that before?

    2. Pierre Inthavong

      @Car Throttle 1:22 (GARETH LAUGHING) Genius.

    3. Robert Maisey

    4. Robert Maisey

    5. Iain Ansell

      '...what he said about culture, generally meant he was pretty uncultured....' polite way to say he was a Racist I would guess..

    6. richardfld

      Honda XR's don't have keys except for the shitty lock on the steering head. They are kickstart and fuel tank doesnt have keys so I call bullshit on that story. The L series of XR650L do come with electric start but rare as fuck here

    7. Dave C Reminded me of Alex and his smooth chat up lines 😂😂😂

    8. Steve Pym

      46:52 anyone else immediately go to only to find some other shit website already owned it?

    9. Tomsk UK

      Just want to say fingerless gloves guys, they are a lifesaver ;) Also what size would you say the perfect engine is, both for car and bike?

    10. Jon Clark

      An old friend of mine is a car salesman, to say they are sexist i would say..... you're probably right 🤣 in his words "all a female owner mean is its not been serviced!", while I told him he's full of it it is frustrating that my girlfriend lives up to this quote😑

    11. Andrew Last

      Car mods I hate .... big wings, pop & bang maps and stickers in the windscreen, they aren't cool.

    12. Lane Sandburg

      the nicest dealer ive ever dealt with was a Rolls Royce dealer... i had absolutely no business being in the showroom or worth his time, he made more in commission in one sale then I would make a year and he was still super kind and hospitable

    13. Christian Larsen

      Don't be sexist, but I think that people who see you on the street just know more about you bc you are seen more on the channel. Obviously include everyone in the conversation, but I think that might be an explanation.

    14. David Jebson

      This is a brilliant podcast. Everyone seems to have a funny story or experience to share - LOVED IT !!!!

    15. VUG

      20:00 best part

    16. Anant Kanojia

      20:10 almost spat my drink out LOL

    17. Matt 4lyfe

      I’m gonna install all of these just to annoy fellow car enthusiasts

    18. Geldards History

      The DVLA are very good at giving your details out full stop, I updated the address on my licence once and suddenly a load of old debts from my teenage years showed up on the doorstep as well as other junk mail addressed to me, yet the DVLA are the only people who knew the updated address.

    19. achedrick1

      I swear, I truly believe there has to be zero actual master mechanics in England as they all have no idea what they’re talking about at least 15% of the time usually a lot more.

    20. Robin L.

      Honestly blast pipes and shakotan exhausts are THE MOST obnoxious

    21. Huni Szabo

      The podcasts are fun and all but when are you guys especially U ALEX, going back to: awesome affordable cars,automotive misfits, living with a..., car trivia and all the good stuff which made me fall in love with the channel. I appreciate that you guys are giving us content fairly often but its starting to become boring at this point

    22. newtona1

      Listening to this just as I overtook an orange MK3 focus ST with.... A sticker of a toilet on the fuel filler cap. O dear o dear o dear. Great podcast guys

    23. Giedre Sarkunaite

      Feels like it’s 50/50 with ladies buying cars. Current car, walked into dealership, here’s my money, now show what I want. No problems there.

    24. James Sheehy

      Powered by fairy dust and i’m not drunk I’m avoiding potholes!! Twat!!! Haha

    25. James Sheehy

      I’m peep show too! Madness!!!

    26. Harshith Sadhana

      i hate when people take supercars & modify to level its not a supercar anymore.

    27. Goldenwolfteeth

      Abbie - calm down sweetheart, car dealers are dicks to everyone and not just women! Just stand your ground, be authoritative, and walk away if you need to. On a separate note guys, bit ironic of you to prove that you're not racist or sexist by being ageist instead!

    28. GarThor Son of Odin

      "Vote with your wallet" is the way I've heard it (~28 minutes in)...

    29. Lewis Tate

      thats the best one yet 0:12

    30. Flávio Nazareno

      there used to be a manufacturer called puma over here in brazil, they made fiber glass sports car, that used the beetle chassis and drive train hahahaha

    31. Lourenco Mota

      Wheres oakley insta?

    32. Claire Marie

      S A A B 😎

    33. Sutton31

      Someone needs to let Gareth know that once you own an EV, your opinions on cars and car modifications are no longer valid. Just being honest. Lmao

    34. Matt OLIVER

      well done alex! actually mean that with the engage with girlfriend/other people when they meet you! on the verge of sounding like a knob but pulled it back from the brink! Love the pod cast guys and we need more phil in our lifes!

    35. Kevin & Clare Callan

      poor rory

    36. Adam McFarland

      I don't know what's more shocking, that none of you have heard the very common phrase "vote with your feet" or that none of you could figure out what it obviously means considering you were discussing the very context of it seconds prior to it.

    37. Paul Kelleher

      I think someone needs to school Gareth on the difference between true Anti-Lag and mapped in pops and bangs on a Fiesta ST! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    38. Yowdawg _

      MAN that is a LONG email!

    39. Cliff Crabtree

      Another classic bantz session. Cheers boys !.

    40. PoundLand Rolex

      I met this old car dealership owner and he kept bragging about his Thai wife who was clearly half his age or more, and kept mentioning his bullshit corvette stingray from the 80s or 70s I just wanted to buy my car and go lol

    41. Astle Seethal

      I knew it! I f*cking knew I heard south african in Gareth's accent

    42. Captain Donut

      is it true that (bloody nora) says only older people? come on brits , englanders, schots help me out.

    43. Sean McKinley

      Any chance a some more content instead of podcasts all the time. Really boring.

    44. Samuel Egan

      Review the Alibaba supercars?!?

    45. Michael Stratford

      Look at jack at 31:11 ahaha!!!

    46. Sam._.Buswell

      i think we buy any shitbox .com has a good ring to it

    47. JFB 101

      As an older guy, I loved your assumption that it's mainly us responsible for the majority of sexist and racist behaviour. From the four young, white and straight guys on the podcast.

    48. Javier Escuella

      My neighbour has a sticker that says ‘I’m not gay but £20 is £20’

    49. Ivo Trausch

      "Knock Knock" "Who's there?" "Dishes" "Dishes who?" "Dishes the ghosht of Sean Connery"

    50. Rikki Jacobs

      my pet peeve of mods.....Stretched tyres on rims. No point in this whatsoever apart from the look (which is poor in my view). Youve got less contact on the ground, not a good idea!

    51. Claire Marie

      Love Abigail's email, and she's so right, some of us women know a thing or 2 about cars and really don't appreciate being treated like we're just dumb barbie's 😏

      1. Abi

        It’s literally the worst!

    52. Claire Marie

      THE MIDLANDS ACCENTS.... I WAS IN STITCHES 😂😂😂 ...p.s, the Cornwall 'AAAARRGH!' Sounded like a pirate 😂

    53. AC Collection

      Cool! #AcCollection

    54. Michel Baptiste Nielsen

      whats up with the Audio? sounds like the microphones shut off when you aren talking and the instantly turns back on when you start talking but then misses the first split second of evey word.

    55. bunter6

      Buying or selling a used car these days is just a shit show, everyone thinks they are a 'trader' these days & think they are some sort of commercial genius. Any car your selling 'needs paint' any car your trying to buy is just wildly misrepresented by the seller in the hope that when you get there you'll just accept the issues as you've made the effort to go see it. There's always been an element of this in the 30 years I've been driving but since the advent of social media sales its got much much worse.

    56. Kilted Sausage

      North of the border? Have us Scottish just annexed Manchester?😂

    57. Denis Mrdalj

      Gareth's parents must be some hardcore car enthusiasts. They named their son after a turbo!

    58. isitafox

      Speaking of bikes in the house, the mate of mine who's Volvo (and Nissan Micra) pickup conversions I tagged Alex in keeps his GSX-R in the dining room so she's nice and cosy 🤣

    59. Rob Tuffin

      The long meandering endings are my favourite.

    60. stephen

      Hey you guys really have kept me sane these last few weeks keep up the pod casts

    61. Leo Hale

      Vote With Your Feet - Business term meaning to leave that business or service, rather than continue to be abused by attitude or actions of that business.

    62. Leo Hale

      What happened to your Podcast Van you were making?

    63. HansDelbruck53

      The bloke on the left in black is especially boring. But at least he cured my insomnia.

    64. Phil Star

      I’m called Phil and I’m offended.

    65. brogenville

      Why can’t Alex say Abarth? 😆 (Not Arbath)

    66. JovanJ26

      what is the name of the chocolate they are talking about at 10:22?

    67. Rufus Thomas

      You can tell the guys are cold recording this one

    68. Mark Wright

      'Pops and bangs' maps are not the same as anti-lag. Anti-lag is functional.

    69. Ash R

      "Vote with your feet" means walk away. Walk away from them and give someone else your business.

    70. Ash R

      Pro tip: that long damn email, don't boost SJWs. It's well known that traditional male car dealers see women as easy prey. The whole "respect women" feminism movement is worth avoiding. SJWs, how about, respect everyone equally, no victim culture. Any dealer or anyone behaving like that needs to be told immediately that they're being disrespectful. Then use the "vote with your feet" and walk away.

    71. TheGallaso

      Big up Harlow! Every Twats got a shitty 125cc here

    72. Neil Murphy

      And as for the woman selling her car sell the car and buy or trade your car with a private seller your'll get a better deal and your'll both be happy that's why when you buy a car always test drive it and make sure it suits your needs. Ps stand your ground and if you don't like how there behaving say no I'm not selling the car to you I'm going to put it up online and sell it there instead.

      1. Neil Murphy

        @Abi Haha 🤣 karma will always strike

      2. Abi

        It was up online, the guy offered me one figure and got it down to paying off the finance. Stupidly, he thought he knew a lot about Abarths and that it was worth more than it was, no abarth enthusiast likes the 695 xsrs and he still has it online for £14 k which is £1k more that I bought it last Christmas 😂 Karma.

    73. Neil Murphy

      I'd say that guy with the Honda xr25 bike just got a lock Smith to unlock the tank and he probably changed the locks .

    74. shane

      got to be dumb to spend £1230 matiz thats damaged and dodgy dealers lol

    75. dantecarp

      Like you boys but......

    76. Foxtrot Mike Lima

      did you stop making fun car videos? It's just that we have enough podcasts with 4 white dudes in their 30's

    77. Andrew Lofthouse

      The keyman........ well remembered

    78. RatRaceProducing

      Gareth most of the time it's not really anti lag, it is literally just pops and bangs to sound racecar, hence the name. Proper anti lag is aggressive af

    79. Marco Ferreira

      I'm surprised they didn't mention stupid amount of camber as a trigger thingy

    80. pambos kourtoulos

      Please stay on the subject.

    81. Lewis Bryant

      What podcast episode was the locksmith story? I can’t remember

    82. Bill Gates

      How the hell have they never heard of "vote with your feet"?!

    83. ThatMuppetToaster

      Suggestion: £2500 v8 car challenge

    84. Calum MacKenzie

      "Vote with your feet" where have you been living not hearing this phrase? Simply means walk away and go somewhere else.

    85. Pedro Ibañez

      20b swap for phill

    86. Lynx Black


    87. Michael Langford

      “Vote with your feet” can three of you have never heard this saying before 🙄

      1. Lynn McKenney

        I've heard "vote with your wallet" but never with your feet.

    88. Mildmannered ThinkingMan

      I learned the British version of salting the roads here in the US. Gritting the road. Very interesting!

    89. Jim Osborn

      Wait!!!!!!!! You guys sold Miles?!?!?! Unsubscribing

    90. Nicholas Starmore

      Oooo chocolate lesbians, lovely biscuits

    91. Ethan Ealing

      Pops and bangs is just more fuel going in anti lag spins turbo so there is no lag

      1. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia

        System that kills turbochargers. :p

    92. Langam

      About the matiz story: I would've instantly left after the dude redlined it cold. Fuck that. Hearing that made my ass open up.

    93. Craig Ayre

      I tell you what Jez, this podcast is really moreish.

    94. Jabber 1974

      Worst car mod ever. Those yellow ‘baby on board’ stickers people put in their cars when they breed. Why do they think anyone else gives a shit? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    95. Chris McEvoy

      "24:00 It is polite to only talk to the one person until they introduce the other because sometimes the other person does not want to meet a random fan.

      1. yeahitskimmel

        Funny to see the difference between UK/US norms cuz a lot of US HRaero personalities don't want their S/O bothered by fans

    96. Teribus13

      Stickers are a bad mod? Best take the car throttle sticker off my car then 😤

    97. The Vintage Appliance Emporium

      Always swallow. It's rude not to...

    98. Alex C-E

      Yeah in terms of angry toe reviews, if you want good service, don't ever use motor range because they are shite they were horrendous to deal with the whole way though buying and with the problems we've already had with a 67 reg car

    99. Ethan Ealing

      Should put a 2jz not a v8

    100. MrStarbi

      Tell Mike to put the heat on, Damn!