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    This week, we've got a C63 burnout gone wrong, a story from a police officer, and more things that grind our gears!
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    ----- Chapters (by Blackhawkso) -----
    0:00​ - Intro
    04:16 - What have we been up to?
    14:30 - Sent a gift by Jeremy
    20:15 - Car Story: My Mate F***ed Up
    22:35 - Dilemma: Found items in a car
    27:42 - News: Littercam
    30:24 - Grinds My Gears: Pet names for cars
    34:57 - Grinds My Gears: Anti-EV comments
    38:44 - Message From A Fan
    43:20 - Having shoes off when driving
    44:02 - Rory's 20 Questions
    48:14 - Car Story From a Police Officer
    57:43 - Outro
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    1. ash mellor

      Bag o' dicks!

    2. Gabriel Rodrigues

      Evs might be fast but they will never have any SOUL

    3. ThEASbO888

      Tavarish is epic

    4. Benji Renals

      I thought that the only time you are allowed to 'undertake' is when you are in a filter lane.

    5. Bozza Hale

      Ferrari's a fezza

    6. Ash Kharait

      Get a mini and Alex will finally fit in it properly lol

    7. Mod. Lyfe

      A pet name I have used for any Citroen would be Shitroen after driving a bean can C1 a few years ago

    8. Jonathan

      I dont get Ethan's "what have you been up to?". I'm from the states so I'm not familiar with the motorways there but, if he's in the exit slip lane then why is he undertaking? Is he in the exit slip lane but not exiting?

    9. Kieran McCann

      Uterus for a Ute or pick up in Australia

    10. Jay

      Convert a classic mini to an EV

    11. Charlie kemp

      Just dont undertake

    12. Mad Man

      Poor boy only benches 120 junior year I was up to 150. Not flexing that's not every good I weighed 180 at the time

    13. fullyformed

      How about "fezza" for Ferrari? I've heard that a few times.

    14. Syed Shah

      Don't do this without Gareth

    15. Clay Davis

      Please get mat Watson on as a guest

    16. LividProLotus

      Mid chase and running out of options to stop the car thieves, as a last ditch attempt bring the pursuit to an end, the pilot of the chopper turns to the person in the back "its time" he says "time for what" replies the passenger, "We have no other choice" with a stern expression on his face "drop the Bag 'o' Dogs" !!

    17. Gary McGurk

      Get Mike back on

    18. luke bridgway

      The people bitch about electric cars are the same ones that say the same about automatics, like yeah I get it going through the gears is fun and a better feeling but electric cars have there place

    19. João Costa

      This was a pretty stallin' podcast :x

    20. Arnold de Vries

      Car Throttle taking Snakes on a Plane to the next level: Dogs on Choppers!

    21. Krule World

      oh come on! if Ashens can eat 50 year old chocolate and survive, you can easily consume 27 y.o choc. amateurs.

    22. Will J

      "or like Cinderella" LMAO XD

    23. mark stevens

      Alex, you can not be a real car journalist with out driving a classic mini. Everyone knows it's a right of passage!!!

    24. Jelly

      I was watching this podcast for long 43 minutes and I swear I did seen that Jack is only in socks literally half a second before Ethan mention it! WTF

    25. I'm Legendary Audrius

      Sorry but the dog in the studio is distracting all of you guys, ethan and Jack can't concentrate, dog has put his foot in Alex bottle and nearly tangled his head in the mic lead lol. I love dogs but he's distracting viewers too, please no call for him there.

    26. VCR Thunder

      People call french cars for baguettes because baguettes are associated with france. In the same way Japanese cars are rice.

    27. Bill Gates

      Literally 4 weeks ago Alex was absolutely ribbing Gareth for getting an EV. Quick turn around in opinion!

    28. Jelly

      I'm driving one of my shit boxes with broken power steering for several years. Several weeks I was driving car with broken powersteering that was trying to fight me. She should man up. :D

    29. Gary Norman

      3 is much better

    30. Patrick F.

      Had a Mk1 Focus that looked like it spend half or its life in a lake or something. Literally every part not made of plastic/glass rusted like hell. Very reliable tho. Called it „Rusty“

    31. Simon

      You’d like the old mini if you love your 5. The mini was the first car I owned and the 5 is the closest fun I’ve had to it.

    32. Jamie Parker

      Always remember my dad owning an ex police car and other drivers treating it as such on the road including one who went from 70 to 90 around the top of the M25 then at the last second cutting from lane 3 down onto the M11 (moving after the 100 yard board)

    33. Freddie Willoughby

      Do a colab with high peak autos

    34. Clay Davis

      Can we have more footage of Alex actually driving his Porsche derived v6 ........

    35. Jack Gittens

      Still waiting for boris’s car

    36. Sifu Martin’s Ip man Wing Chun

      Screw electric cars

    37. Milton Sibanda

      Landrover Discovery is called the "Disco'

    38. Nick Bell

      there is no law to say you can't drive in flip flops or barefoot. BUT you could be done for dangerous driving/due car and attention if you were to lose control of the car.

    39. John Norton

      Please no more Gareth, ruins the podcast. Love the content otherwise, thank you Alex, Jack & Ethan.

    40. Ash R

      Car throttle promoting car buying unseen and untested (buying online). How the times change. Sponsorship really does change people

    41. Michael Slater

      Another perfect example of someone getting out of something because of COVID 😂 can’t eat it cos of COVID 😂

    42. Robda

      The amg move is called a mustang Starbucks exit

    43. Nathaniel Mathies

      Personal experience, stolen car you don't want back! Some guys broke into my Skyline and stole the stereo one night and I had to sell it. I couldn't even drive that car anymore. I hated it and didn't even want to look at it. Sold it for next to nothing.

    44. Tobias Stankiewicz

      The main name in Sweden for cars is "Bettan" Its a short name for like Beth, Beatrice and so on.. :P Hmm.. U say that you dont like Minis but the Drivetrain is based on a BMW. haha.. So this means that you guys dont like BMW.. ^^ BTW Looove the show. even if you guys in UK still lives in the 50's by driving on the wrong side :P

    45. Nathaniel Mathies

      My main gripe with people bitching about EVs is it ALWAYS comes back to noise. You can be like "this car is faster than yours, smoother, cheaper to run, better for the environment, carries more luggage, and is better in every way" And they're like " yeah, but it doesn't make any noise. I need engine noise" Really?

    46. Nathaniel Mathies

      Can you really not overtake up the left lane or on an exit in London? If you don't do it in Australia you'll never get anywhere.

    47. Jarred Palk

      what grinds my gears is EV can't drive from Brisbane to Sydney now here's the thing you guys live in the UK everything is small and close together in Australia nothings close together and you wont be able to drive between major cities on one charge and you probably couldn't get to Perth or Darwin in an EV as public charge stations aren't even that common on the east coast of the Australia there wont be any in the middle of no where. On that note of a Porsche derived EV... yeah no you wont they're spending the next 7-8 years developing 3D printed pistons... yeah they will be out of business in 2030

    48. Johnny Canuck

      That chocolate was made before I was

    49. TMenduro125rider

      I had an ex Royal Mail van, it was called the royal nail 😂

    50. Dan Jones

      Ethan it sounds like you weren't undertaking here, you were in the exit slip lane, therefore it is the other guys responsibility to check the lane he wants (yours) is clear before entering it. It's just that people don't expect to be passed that side, and so don't check that side properly

    51. stumpjumper

      I miss gareth keep him coming also my name is gareth

    52. jon kristof williams

      Can you keep massie ( not too sure of that's the spelling) in the CT podcast in the future?

    53. James the Rescuer

      Freelands are known as hippos! As they look like them!

    54. Matthew King

      Better without Gareth, sorry, just how it is for me.

    55. Neil Bryers

      My brother named a Fiat Panda he bought for his ex-fat-fiasco “The Clit” because every cunt’s got one ☝️ Guess Panda’s were more popular in the 90’s😄

    56. Adam Evans

      I have named everyone of my cars my current is a 200k mile mk4 Ford mondeo called Marilyn.... Marilyn mondeo

    57. FatHead1979

      "Would you want the car back (undamaged)?....No" How does that make ANY sense. If you don't get your (stolen) car back (undamaged), you'll have to make a claim on your insurance and then get ready come renewal time for some serious financial butt hurt. I get that emotionally you'd know someone else had thrashed it but I'd take that over a total loss claim on my insurance history ANY day of the week!

    58. TjDolHaus86

      Having a C63 as your first rear wheel drive is like adopting a bear as your first pet.

    59. James Robinson

      Your next video, Alex, should be, or at least include, a tribute to Sabine Schmitz.

    60. Jon Burnell

      A woman at work was driving in flip flops, the flip flop got jammed between the accelerator and the matt. She drove straight into the building writing off her car, destroying part of the building and causing damage to another team member's vehicle. Don't drive in stupid footwear!

    61. GSjmak

      Older small japanese hatchbacks (regardless of brand) are collectively called rice bowls.

    62. lw_evo

      Gareth is at home waiting for the buyer than isn't coming for the bmw

    63. Jack Herer

      51:01 there is actually a video of a cop dropping a dog from a heli to go and chase down someone in a field its mad

    64. Leigh Fawkes

      My '92 Cruiser was Farm Truck cause it came from a Farm and was old and farm-like. Mates: Hilux cause he had a shammy in he glovebox to clean it after every 18 rain drops. '88 Pajero was 'Ol Foss' cause it was a fossil. '96 Pajero was 'Clackerjabber' cause it made... noises. '03 105 series was 'White Knight' cause he got it while living away from the rest of us and he chose his own "cool" sounding name which is verboten but he got a sticker so it kinda stuck. '96 80 series was 'Shepherd' cause we made him go first to guide us through creek crossings.

    65. Clunk

      25:40 sniff them then ask to meet the women in question.

    66. Richard Bagg

      4 mile trip in half an hour, lol. Petrol heads...Jesus wept.

    67. Ian Silva

      You need to get a Mini on the channel

    68. Geetarth Neo

      In India it is totally different, the better the car/bike, the more you have a chance to be stopped.

    69. Rhowhat

      I'm happy for Maisy to continue to take Gareth's place. More Maisy chasing her tail please. Edit: this sounds mean, I dont want it to. Perhaps they can alternate?

    70. I'm a chicken LOL

      Cant you just edit in the visual parts to the video

    71. Andor Petrei

      Phil, Collin.... I think I see a pattern...

    72. EddyWillyJimmy

      There was a Freelander MK1 advertisment that had hippos on it

    73. spyburn007

      There is a great anti-littering campaign in Australia which just says “don’t be a tosser”

    74. Hydrophobic Water

      Mia the miata

    75. Matt Baxter

      Wheres BORIS 😆😆

    76. James Findlay

      Is Alex missing his booster seat in this video?

    77. gothkid141

      I called my old Mercedes Sprinter Ugly Bastard ,it was a band van. It was rusty,dirty and smelled like beer and b.o after every weekender or tour .

    78. Sharnley97 Gaming

      There is such a difference between watching these and listening to them, love the podcast as ever!

    79. Kos


    80. John Goddard

      I have a question for the police. Is it illegal to own a Kia Venga at the age of 26. Asking for a friend.

    81. MagnetPull

      27:42 yeah if the UK needs one thing it is more cameras. Might be useful to just put their software on the already exisiting cams

    82. Matt

      I owned a Mitsubishi L200, which I named Dennis.... The name stuck so well and was adopted by everyone I knew..... I even told the new owner to keep his name and name badge (which he has) ...... I miss Dennis!! 😔 When I was on a VW Passat page, I found alot of people refering to their cheap estates 'Donkeys'.

    83. Manny Man

      That chocolate was supposed to be preserved by this channel for a further 26 years (or more) and here they are, destroying the mans life, who after 26 years of not opening it, Is watching this sad and regretting sending it in.

    84. GarThor Son of Odin

      My daughter named my project car... "Star Racer"

    85. Darren Henderson

      Alex u drove a £140k Porsche and u liked it... 😂😂 u buy a £150 shit box and love it 😂😂😂😂

    86. thebeaverhatguy

      Volvo wagons are referred to as bricks if that counts

    87. Oliver Hamilton

      We need to see more of Maisie. A challenge to buy a suitable suitable for a dog.

    88. 76Rufus

      Dicks call Zafiras a 'bus' and have "mad bus' facebook groups

    89. Matt Coleman

      who is Daniel?? (Oh dear Ethan....)

    90. Lewis Anderson


    91. mattlamb

      Should have got that chocolate out onto a tray

    92. Andy hillhouse

      Ethan and Jack should get bikes if Alex gets a mini!

    93. Gareth Stroud

      Get the boris review up!

    94. M Thorn

      Guys getting a seasoned traffic cop on the podcast as a guest would be an epic idea....!!!

    95. Emmet D

      We need more Maisy in the podcast

    96. Simon Hopkin

      Private road my arse!!

    97. Neil T71

      Always do long distance in Socks......

    98. Mat

      I love this show - one of my weekly highlights 😊 But Alex - stop picking on the other guys and stomping your authority on them! It’s not an attractive personality trait, and you’re doing it more every week. Nuff said - keep up the great work 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    99. TAGS Battfink

      Undertaking is perfectly legal, if there is slower moving traffic in the lanes to the right of you. Say for example, someone is HOGGING THE MIDDLE LANE! 🙈😂

    100. mk1600 GT

      Other french names like Patrice or Philippe for just any Renault, Citroen or Peugeots, the worst I've seen is people calling their fiesta's Freddie, I find it really cheesy.its on about any fiesta from st's to zetecs.