Driving The Car That TikTok Built

Car Throttle

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    Big thanks to Jack, go and give him a follow:
    This week, Alex meets Jack McNeill - the owner of the Nissan Micra made by his followers on TikTok!
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    1. Roel de Boer

      The new Top Gear

    2. Mrrob21698

      In Germany this whole thing would be absolutely forbidden 😂😂 love it!!!

    3. Boltie

      Weight Reduction. Remove the rear seats. Let's make a better car than Tik Tok!!

    4. Chan Xavier

      Ohhh that man drives a Toyota alphard, a man of culture!

    5. Hang Leung

      Fuck TikTok

    6. Tomato_Boi

      Virgin Tiktok Nissan Micra vs Chad Theo Corsa VXR

    7. Sir Spaz

      im not supprised tiktok built it

    8. Drive With Andy

      On the new BMW car, change the BMW badges to Ford badges

    9. Kaasschaaf

      Nice coincidence that the band called Boris has an album named Pink lol

    10. CLW 14


    11. Jay Taylor

      Purple LED lights under the car

    12. Steve P

      Looks like sonning common & Henley ?

    13. QuantumS1ngularity

      The BMW certainly needs eyelashes and duck face lips on the grill. Also with the purple wrap, golden wheels are a must.


      Everything about this is cringe. But not in the "so bad it's funny" way. tiktok was a mistake. Subscribing to this channel was a mistake.

    15. Timmy The Seal

      Just saw this car in Farnborough, lmao

    16. Cordz_Gaming

      imagine if NFS added Boris in the Games

    17. Meris Kajić

      Do lambo doors mod on the bmw

    18. Hucking bikes

      I now need to build me a shitbox to lol thanks guys 😂😂 your bmw needs two fat side pipes one each side lol

    19. Hoxer

      4:00 do i hear the PH intro in the background!?

    20. Halvard Honningsvåg

      I got a micra too, somone know where to buy one of those spoilers?

    21. VezpeN

      Never thought I would ever say this but... I kinda want to buy a Micra now

    22. Archie Paul

      Lol this just actually drove past our school!!!

    23. DJ 3than

      Air Suspension 😂😂

    24. ash mellor

      What the fuck is a professional colour?

    25. Will L

      It's come straight out of the pages of max power magazine in 2001.

    26. turbiz

      To big wheels in the front smaller in the back.

    27. Jean Sundego


    28. Costa Rican Sportsfan

      I wouldn’t drive that wheel even for pay

    29. Dixienormas4

      So bent

    30. Paul Davies

      Big Ritchie side pipes on bmw

    31. dimebagdavey

      Yairs TSport?! What a choice! Solid motor.

    32. otomobilmedia

      Beautiful cars and video :) Congratulation!!!

    33. bardenhick

      The good side of Tik-Tok

    34. Genghis khan

      what a machine that's a v12 right?

    35. harald liker kake med eksos

      10:30 you got balls of steel hahahahhaahha


      Boris is sus

    37. Samuel Loosmore

      That poor k11

    38. Centnovemvigintmilliasescentnovemvigintilliarde

      The steering wheel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. PS4Gamer

      See this car last week on M40. Funny as lol

    40. jr Prevost

      Fake supercharger

    41. Bure

      Like everyone who seen boris before this vid

    42. Giannis Ts

      mod for your bmw: replace all the bmw logos with mercedes logos, also put an amg logo on the tailgate

    43. Scott Warren

      Bonnet exit exhaust

    44. Hairy Porta

      TikTok is mostly garbage. But that car and the Idea in generell is sick!

    45. wii8

      I remember seeing this on my fyp haha

    46. Tyler Shields

      Mod for the bmw should be put a turbo on it

    47. Hyped gamer

      The borris car

    48. jessica caley

      Rice af

    49. Moreno Müller

      For the bmw you should cut the springs that its low af. then you might drill a hole through the bottom and make an exhaust that goes through the interior out of the roof.

    50. Karlo černeka

      this is bullshit ricer car!


      3 piece VIP wheels

    52. eugen negoiueugen

      The gtr sticker made me :(

    53. BBCforU

      Joe mama

    54. Genericamerican

      It's about as cancerous as tik tok itself.

    55. Ninja7617

      You should do the same but a car throttle theme

    56. Mirko Gruden

      Why is POLLUTING toxic fumes spewing exhaust praised like that? Internal combustion engine exhaust is responsible for 8 milion deaths globally PER YEAR (every year). That's bad.

    57. RetardLemon

      Now put a 2 meter splitter on it like a bosozoku

    58. DANY PLAYZ

      Shit box is worldwide

    59. ervebrbtbrbr bbbrbrggrgrbrr

      why tiktok why this shit

    60. Carl Marcus

      Gotta be hood scoop

    61. James

      “the guy with all the face tattoos, dave”

    62. BananenBoerBob

      You're closer to those 50 year olds hating it than the 20 year olds loving it in age now Alex!

    63. Volvo B10M

      Modification suggestion for the BMW, chrome air horns mounted on the roof.

    64. East-Mid Modsters

      Shoutgun pipes / exhaust

    65. Marty Crush

      Love it😍👌👍, although my ocd wouldn’t be able to handle the scoop being off centre 😕

    66. Rosanette Cooper

      Yup ricer

    67. Syed Raza

      i dont care when but you HAVE TO get a turbo out the exhaust with a pop and bang map

    68. knowscoping legend

      Turning the granny Mobil to the fanny Mobil

    69. Kai Levett

      The wrap on the scoop is shit

    70. Gareth Littlewood

      Kenny the compact 100% needs a turbo or a 3.0 swap from a 330i😉😍

    71. DjStiv3

      After paint i hope they put some 13s or 14s with skinniest tires possible on the bmw.

    72. DjStiv3

      If ali G bought a micra car.. this is what he'd do to it. West staines massive ye? Lol

    73. Alpha3433

      Am I the only one seeing hem lowering the car and then punting turbos on it and straight pie peat

    74. Sanguine sniper

      Mega turbo

    75. Tron Playz

      One Word: Riced

    76. Privat Jetski

      Ali G wife would love it 😅

    77. Reinis Šakins

      ahhhh boris

    78. Jeremy Jolly


    79. E-LITE

      Wheres phil

    80. AJ

      GET Ali G to sign it...

    81. Chargles

      bruh is that the ph intro song in the back?

    82. Nico Maz

      A very interesting modification would be an exhaust pipe in shape of a tear through the hood it will sound and it will look wonderful too

    83. AliefeD

      Borris is on car throttle 😭

    84. Alex Ehm

      This Video is pure emotion and I love it

    85. wenton moore

      Stick on a set of 13 inch wheels 🤔

    86. NixFlix

      Air ride xD

    87. A Balakrishnan

      The BMW needs an LS swap as the 2nd mod

    88. Ammageddon89

      Turbo it in a filthy way

    89. John Brophy

      lift the bimmer and make it an off roader

    90. Joshua Lynch

      Can we see a proper 80's sub build? either smoothed speakers and massive sub or loads or perspex and led's in the boot!

    91. GTI_Gaming

      put grill from new 4 series 🤣🤣🤣

    92. kris kato

      Wide body the bmw

    93. Chxnk Error

      This poor k11 had no idea it would become this

    94. EOD JDM PRO

      what a richer omg ///// shit tiktok box

    95. Maverick Mangion

      that steering wheel🤤

    96. Elias Barton

      11:14 Felt that in my soul 🤣😭

    97. Skeeba TV

      no fucking pink shit !

    98. TopNinja _

      that thing so Fast no ventador wants to race it since it too quick

    99. Netsrot

      5:45 Made me shudder

    100. Edwin Nell

      Next mod, Hella negative camber