Living With A Citroen Ami

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    This week, Alex finds out what life is really like with the Citroen Ami, a quadricycle you're legally allowed to drive at 14 in France!
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 mjeseci


    1. Bro Brah

      i would buy one if it could do 65 mph and has at least 120 mi range

    2. Chip _18

      Imagine a 1/100 model of this "car"

    3. Kristiyan Milanov

      Imagine being hit from a G - Wagon with let’s say 30mph.

    4. James Harris

      So in your mind because the car is so small you feel you are justified in parking in the "Trolley Park"? Since the car is electric I'm surprised you didn't just drive in to the store, expecting everyone to step out of your way. Or just park it on the sidewalk and let everyone walk around.

    5. PoRRasturvaT

      If it prevents teens dying on the road with their 50cc motorcycles, it's all good.

    6. Mr. Finance

      If only normal cars could be this cheap. 45kmh is too slow for many roads.

    7. Super Man

      Best test but in France should 14 year for 5 horse power without nothing and 16 year for 8 up to 15 horse power with traffic code.

    8. Maheshwar Mahe

      Much needed for India

    9. Note Pad

      this is a tall electric caterham,yes

    10. John Thomsson

      13:29 first time someone made the wheels of a citrin Ami smoke

    11. tristess Kartoffel

      I like it ! Perfect City Car!

    12. sreehari nair

      stick a hayabusa engine in it....should be fun :D

    13. Lopez Anaconda

      Someone has woke up one morning and said: I have an idea, let’s put some wheels on portable bog and sell it as a vehicle.

    14. Émile PRÉVOT

      ahahah une citroen ami dans un autre pays, je ne l'aurais pas imaginé ! Mais pourquoi pas… si ça se trouve on va exporter ce bousin x)

    15. RockabillyPinstriper

      It's a goddamn enclosed golf kart. Garbage.

    16. jonathan bell

      If you get hit by a truck in that 😱 it's going to be like an elephant kicking a football

    17. Patrick Reh

      I have to admit I really enjoyed my time in Coventry when I worked for JLR from 2018 -2020. Living on the Binley Rd near Stoke Green it was quite handy to walk to City Centre. But careful, they caught me on the bus lane with my Austin Mini near Far Gosford St in the roundabout...lovely memory!

    18. Captain Gimp

      The car is shit, just admit it.

    19. Dinakar Raj

      Holding up traffic !, can be embarrassing 😀😎

    20. Akshay Wadhwa

      If tata nano is designed perfectly it would be tis car

    21. Stephen Lawrence

      If you were in Cambridge, you'd be using an electric cargo bike. Open topped 😁

    22. Teamgeist

      Everyone in Germany knows Coventry. "Coventrieren" means completely ruining/destroying something, not so sure about the Origin of that word...

    23. Santhosh Kumar

      Nice space inside for 2 people

    24. Rudo lf

      To get one: Order from your LEGO online shop.

    25. Izzat Fauzi Mustafa

      The overtly glorified French quadracycle. If this is made by a motorcycle company located outside Europe, chances are ppl would look down on the Ami even more.

    26. Junhao ZHANG

      fengshui lol

    27. Mark Thomasson

      No UK? Don’t think so

    28. Sam Steele

      I want to see a race across London between this and a Twizzy

    29. Andrei

      But really now, imagine if the people who have the space would use this car for city transit while having a real car for real business. that would be dope

    30. Christophe L

      Stupid car for stupid people.. wait for dacia spring a real cheap car.

    31. Eby Mathews

      It's got an 3 pin socket.....that's 🤪

    32. Eby Mathews

      You want comfort and safety, you buy a CAAAAR. This is abattery with 4 wheels, maybe 5 (steering wheel)

    33. Vic

      Please, metric system, just please.

    34. Jarek Ostrouch

      Fucking love it.

    35. Ali Murat Şahin

      Same the Bajaj Qute 😅

    36. Deepak Srinivas Mondal

      Subscribed! Awesome video! I love how you are able to bring out all the positives in this wonderful little car without making fun of it or the people who would potentially use it. Kudos.

    37. Dapper Wolf

      I know how you can increase the range put a petrol generator somewhere and plug the cord in still the same speed but much more range could go quite far but idk if it’s street legal anymore lol

    38. Caleb Able

      You do need a license to drive it.

    39. Dusan Vukobratovic

      The fact the car costs 6000£ is crazy expensive for that little trashcan with wheels

    40. SC8ter Rider

      🤗 👍 ☝️ 😎 🇵🇭 Niceone 🤩

    41. Pietro Sapia

      What a nice phone booth!

    42. Alphabet 7

      I wish it had a 20 horsepower premium version with radio and all the amenities

    43. Doc Morridge

      Having to leave the door open to charge is my biggest gripe. I give it a day before someone puts some extra battery's and an upgraded controller in it. Its made for Boring Tunnels.

    44. anonymous Original

      Why does an English speaker need to have English subtitles???

    45. BeerMattReviews

      I got stuck in Coventry once for 8 hours went to pick a car up for a company wasn't ready for collection. Then had to wait for a lift back. Coventry is a shit but lots of shopping do to there luckily 🤣🤣🤣

    46. DrumtotheBass Woop

      Typical of Citroen to resurrect the 2CV

    47. Mirek Krawczyk

      Przecież to jest jak fiat Multipla tylko trochę brzydszy

    48. Femendy Teo

      Does it has ac?

    49. Mark Hall

      What licence do you need, how much does it cost?

    50. Neal Armstrong

      When he said "0-60 never happens because it has a top speed of 28MPH", I literally laughed so hard I started coughing.

    51. salvador macias Pulido

      Hey, Jesus Christ!!! As in Jesus Christ has anything to do with any malfunction on this vehicle 😂😂😂😂😊

    52. Ludo Cattin

      « Ami » means « friend » in English. So you should say Citroën Friend. 😂

    53. Stefano Pinchetti

      I think the obvious evolution would be a model with a second set of driving wheel and pedals for the other seat... pointing the other way! Think of it! You go into your garage in forward drive, and the next day You come out of Your garage in forward drive! Brilliant!

    54. -VänterVanten-

      In Sweden when youre 15 you can drive a mopedcar, it’s almost fully plastic and really tiny, (almost like this Citroen) and it can go 45km/h. And then we’ve got “epa traktor or a-traktor” they could we a whole Volvo or Mercedes and so on, (even big trucks), but they can only go 30km/h.

    55. -VänterVanten-

      Citroën? Did he just say citrun? Is that how you say it in english? That just sounds stupid

    56. In Dang3r

      Can I get a clarification on legislation of having a 3 year old kid on the front passager side of this, in a baby seat? As I saw this is not registered as a car, but as a scooter. Can a mother take her kid from kindergarden or go shopping with her kid with this or not? Germany relevant info. Tnx

    57. dobeul o se'peun

      It'll be problem if you live in asia

    58. djmhyde

      6:42 my girlfriend talking about me with her friend

    59. LV M

      My dream " car"💛

    60. akash antil

      It look pretty thoo. Styling is different. I love it

    61. Rion Kugayama

      Can agree with you about living in Coventry. Even though I'm just outside of Coventry city, it's still a hellhole that I don't really like very much

    62. wim weender


    63. AshleyReading

      Filmed in Coventry :D

    64. MannyJazzcats

      I want one of these

    65. Florian J

      The price is to high for that. The twinge electric can be bought for 10.000€ and it has 80 hp and goes 200km and more than 100km/h and has everything a car needs to have. Airbag, central locking, heated seats, 5 seater and so on

    66. Turgineer

      I like small utility cars. But this is too small! 🤣

    67. Greenberet

      Can already see shaquille o'neal buying one to meme around lol

    68. manalalo

      Chatarra con 4 ruedas

    69. Synchro Mech

      0:03 - Wow, the best way to open a car video is to do a skid in a car that is the size of my Lego ones! Love it!

      1. Synchro Mech

        How did you drive on the Ring Road without being gobbled up by a crazy motorist! Hahaha

    70. the8ctagon

      If your aim in making this video was to give EVs and EV drivers a bad name by selfishly parking in trolley bays and driving along pedestrian walkways, you knocked it out of the park.

    71. Ilkham Amanu

      Like comunis car wkwkwkwk

    72. thefiestaguy

      Did he say "You don't need a driving license"....? Certainly do if you're going to be driving in on public roads in the UK. Road traffic act applies to mechanically propelled vehicles, which this is.

      1. 2sik_UK

        You might be able too drive it on a bike licence or cbt

    73. mansoork9

      Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣😁 I need this car

    74. qudsgn

      I'd love to drive that car, with a special Citroen handbrake parts subscription

    75. KeshigomuLife

      "If you're not from the UK, DON'T visit Coventry" Absolutely spot on! 😂

    76. Keiner zu Hause

      The first RC dog cottage

    77. HHnightmen

      Suicide Doors...

    78. Rastislav Kmeť

      and I wondered why few years ago they lowered the speed from 90 to 80 km/h in France. Well because it's typical sluggish french style. As this car. 😂😂

    79. Alex Telford

      THey could have easily made the doors open the same way but sadly they are French enjoyed the video

    80. Hanz Kranz

      I wanna see a crashtest of this Car

    81. Ferris Hafizi


    82. Ibrahim A

      Can a 14 year old drive a citreon ami in the UK??

    83. SLK R170 Liebhaber

      Wer kauft sich bitteschön so einen Schrott? 😅😂

    84. Leona Devon

      Do you don't need any licence at all to drive this? hum... so being registered blind no longer an issue then ;) right I'm getting one.

    85. Leona Devon

      I wonder how well this would cope with the hills in Exeter :)

    86. Muffin Boi

      That dirt bike looks like the dirt bike from gta lol

    87. Sean Hanratty

      I'd like you try live with a John Deere gator

    88. Truth Seeker

      Good for the environment lol how wrong can you be.

    89. Owen Chua

      Looks like a Kei Car

    90. Peter Behge


    91. Martin D A

      Amazing what you get in a Kinder egg these days.

    92. Joshua Varghese

      For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. :John 3 v 16

    93. Andro Laius

      Someone : Buys it and makes it a monster truck

    94. Shuffle Them Truffles Babey

      I’m sorry was he complaining about Coventry? How sheltered do you have to be to think that Coventry is rough?

    95. Adam Dabrowski

      Can you smell your own fart thorough mask? Covshit going thought it as well. Think people.

    96. Adam Dabrowski

      Nice car, but all those masks are ridiculous.....

    97. Kenan Furcle

      I'm so glad the handbrake isn't electric, fuck the Zoé

    98. Patryk Ponichtera

      I hope this comes to the UK, I'd love these to be available in airports for hire to drive back to London and vice versa. It has enough storage for luggage or shopping

    99. Antero Vipunen

      45 km/h because it's the max that a vehicle of that size is allowed to go on the EU.

    100. noisebloom

      This car design is beautiful